Thursday, July 9, 2009

Highlights from the Eau Claire Rod and Gun Club Monthly Newsletter:

  • "Please no shooting at the steel target frames on purpose.  Also because your bullet's will ricochet off them.
  • No targets on the ground (prevent ricochet)
  • No clay birds, bottles, cans, or fruit on the ground (prevent ricochet)
  • NO fully automatic fire. (NONE)
  • This year we have found Christmas trees and garbage dumped at the range. Also someone is taking the concrete blocks and shooting them. This is your range Protect it.
  • We are very pleased that members are using the new recycle containers. Remember Cans ONLY.  No bottles or Garbage of any kind. "THANKS" Now if we could only get the smokers to use the butt buckets.
  • Come for Corn Day and shoot turkeys.