Monday, March 15, 2010

Give Me Some Money.

Yeah. So about two months ago, one of my coworkers asked me if I wanted to bowl for some Big Brothers Big Sisters charity event. I pretty much wanted to say, “FUCK NO”, but for whatever reason, I was feeling generous that day. So I said I would. That’s all I heard about it until last week. That’s when she gave me my PLEDGE FORMS. WHAT?

I have a personal policy on shit like this. I already give what feels like half my freaking paycheck to the United Way, therefore, I don’t give money to fundraising stuff. In return, I don’t ask other people to donate to fundraising stuff. BECAUSE I DON’T DO IT. I appreciate the goodwill bullshit but I think most people are tapped out. Between fundraisers, jewelry parties, and charity stuff... I get the feeling most people would probably benefit from the very charities they’re constantly being asked to throw their money at.

WHICH MEANS I AM SCREWED. Because I HAVE to do this shit and I HAVE to raise $100, so unless my parents bail me out, I’m going to be giving $100 of my own money to a charity that made my life miserable for 4 months with the most rotten “little sister” a girl could ask for.

In related news, I would not be opposed to receiving random checks in the mail marked “BOWLING FUND.”

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